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Czech译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » General fields

Czech译成EnglishTech/Engineering译员 (979)
Czech译成EnglishArt/Literary译员 (1595)
Czech译成EnglishMedical译员 (271)
Czech译成EnglishLaw/Patents译员 (2314)
Czech译成EnglishScience译员 (1629)
Czech译成EnglishBus/Financial译员 (1106)
Czech译成EnglishMarketing译员 (291)
Czech译成EnglishOther译员 (8691)
Czech译成EnglishSocial Sciences译员 (23319)

Czech译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » Specific fields

Czech译成English位笔译译员: 会计 (345)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 广告/公共关系 (709)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 航天/航空/太空 (126)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 农业
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 家畜/动物繁殖 (78)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 人类学 (103)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 考古学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 建筑学 (181)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 艺术、工艺品、绘画
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 天文学与太空
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 金融(普通) (665)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 自动化与机器人
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 汽车制造/轿车与卡车
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 生物学(生物技术、生化、微生物) (175)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 植物学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 建筑/土木工程 (374)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 商务/商业(普通) (832)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 材料(塑料、陶瓷等) (141)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 化学;化学/化工 (180)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 诗词与文学 (519)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 影院、影片、电视、戏剧
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 纺织/服装/时装
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 电信
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 电脑(总称) (605)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:硬件
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:软件
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:系统、网络 (308)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 法律:合同
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 烹饪/美食 (340)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 化妆品、美容
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 医学:牙科
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 媒体/多媒体 (459)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 经济学 (558)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 教育/教育学 (650)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 电子/电子工程 (279)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 能源/发电
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 工程(总称) (339)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 工程:工业
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 机械/机械工程 (304)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 核能/核子科学 (87)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 环境与生态
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 秘术 (87)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 渔业
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 民间故事 (119)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 餐饮 (337)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 林业/林木/木材
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 家具/家用电器
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 游戏/视频游戏/博彩/赌场 (302)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 采矿与矿物/宝石 (62)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 家谱 (40)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 普通/谈话/问候/信函 (458)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 遗传学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 地理学 (218)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 地质学 (66)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 政府/政治
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 摄影/影像(及美术) (181)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医疗服务 (351)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 历史
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 旅游与旅行
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 人力资源 (442)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 成语/格言/熟语 (124)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 保险 (243)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 国际组织/开发/合作 (234)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 互联网、电子商务 (383)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 投资/证券 (161)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 冶金/冶炼 (93)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: IT(信息技术)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 新闻学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 房地产 (268)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 法律(总称)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 法律:专利、商标、版权 (267)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 法律:税与海关
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 语言学 (412)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 运输/交通/货运 (400)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 管理
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 制造业 (205)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 船只、航行、海运
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 营销/市场调研
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 数学与统计 (91)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 医疗(总称) (496)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 医学:心血管学 (110)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:器械 (168)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医药 (289)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 气象学 (26)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 计量学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 军事/国防 (125)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 音乐
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 名字(人名、公司名) (73)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 营养
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 石油能源/石油科学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 其它
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 纸/造纸
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 专利
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 哲学
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 物理学 (65)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 印刷与出版 (161)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 心理学 (266)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 宗教 (174)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 零售业 (177)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 安全
Czech译成English位笔译译员: SAP (66)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 科学(普通)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 俚语 (91)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等 (405)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 体育/健身/娱乐
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 问卷调查 (86)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 葡萄酒/酿酒学/葡萄栽培 (89)
Czech译成English位笔译译员: 动物学 (81)

Czech译成English translators and interpreters

关于会籍栏 Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
(in pair)
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Identity Verified   Hannah Geiger
  Bilingual, Czech-born
law, litigation, corporate law, civil procedure, criminal law, contracts, social sciences, medical documents/reports, journalism, advertising, literature, music theory, media, business (marketing, public relations), dubbing (documentaries and feature films), film scripts, book reviews, history, certificates/diplomas/licenses, brochures (tourism), general translations ... Czech/English
985 points
Identity Verified   Gerry Vickers
  A REAL English native speaker!
Czech translation, slovak translation, Czech websites, slovak websites, Czech medical interpreting, slovak medical translation, Czech legal translation, Slovak legal translation, tourism, music, arts, public services, legal interpreting, law, court interpreting, proofreading, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, solicitors, Czech court interpreter, slovak court interpreter, Czech translator manchester, slovak translator manchester ... English
464 points
Identity Verified   Charles Stanford
  Qualified, experienced EN native speaker
Czech, Slovak, German, Dutch, French, legal, law, contracts, certificates, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc. ... English
148 points
Identity Verified   Nicholas Miller
  Native English, MITI, MCIL
Czech, Slovak, translation, český, překlad, čestina, slovenský, preklad, slovenština, English, anglický, angličtina, language, jazyk, česky, anglicky, slovensky ... English
35 points
  Martina G. Wise
  Professional, Accurate, Thorough.
Czech, slovak, English, legal, medical, literary, academic, travel, marketing, press, journalism, general, English native speaker, translation, copy-editing, proofreading ... English
15 points
Identity Verified   Isabel Stainsby
Czech, Slovak, French, German, medical, legal, scientific, technical, cultural, culinary, literary, English native speaker, rodilý mluvčí angličtiny, locutrice native d'anglais, englische Muttersprachlerin ... English
12 points
Identity Verified   Václav Pinkava
  Prime quality, at your service
Czech, English, native, translator, interpreter, quality, poetry, slogans, marketing, lyrics, business, marketing, legal, IT ... Czech/English
56 points
Identity Verified   Samuel Hunt
  Native English translations < CZ, SK, DE
German, Czech, Slovak, contracts, real estate, marketing, technical, websites, medical, mechanical engineering, architecture, journalism ... English
32 points
  Emil Kucera
  Serving the science community since 1969
mammalogy, zoology, biology, science, medicine, pharmaceuticals, forestry, agriculture, horses, dogs, scouting, woodcraft, camping, Czech, german, slovak, russian, English ... Czech/English
8 points
Identity Verified   Slavěna Brownová
  certified translator
, 广告/公共关系, 房地产, 医疗(总称), 法律(总称), 法律:专利、商标、版权, 法律:合同, 金融(普通), 教育/教育学, 商务/商业(普通), 法律:税与海关 ... Czech
0 points
  Michaela Melišíková
  Czech-English Translator and Interpreter
English, French, Translation, Translator, Law, Legal, Czech, Interpreter, Economic, Business, Marketing, Trados ... Czech
0 points
Identity Verified   Scott Evan Andrews
translator, interpreter, překlady a tlumočení, tlumočník, překladatel, překlad do angličtiny, Czech translator, Czech guide, Prague interpreter, trip to Czech Republic, Czech, document translator, contracts and agreement, annual report, quality, ISO 9001, marketing, veteran, English native speaker, Čeština, překladatel, Angličtina, anglický, rodilé mluvčí, ... English
414 points
Identity Verified   Jiri Lonsky
  Bilingual native Czech medical expert
Czech, English, medical record, discharge summary, laboratory report, instructions for use, equipment manual, device, informed consent form, patient information sheet, patient diary, questionnaire, case report form, clinical study report, investigator's brochure, protocol, clinical trial agreement, medical device loan agreement, deed of donation, regulatory decision, ethics committee, product information, summary of product characteristics, labels, prescribing information, pharmacological report, article for publication ... Czech/English
458 points
Identity Verified   Pavel Prudký
  Experienced Tech University graduate
Engineering, hydraulics, pneumatic mechanisms, automotive industry, service manuals, owner´s manuals, technological processes, technical data sheets, car paints, MSDS, management, marketing, production control, quality and environmental management, 5S, Poka Yoke, Kaizen, Kanban, Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, human resource management, contracts, industrial property protection, patents, trade marks, licence agreements, etc. ... Czech
531 points
Identity Verified   Ivan Šimerka
  Experienced, reliable, quick
nuclear science and technology power, electric and mechnical engineering information technologies computer hardware and software banking contracting accounting and reporting legal texts ... Czech
434 points
Identity Verified   srubkova
  20 years with technical translations
English, Czech, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, translations, architecture, civil engineering, MEP, HVAC, electric instalations, town planning, real estates, gardens, landscaping, forestry, art, history of art, quality management, paper processing, wood processing, power plants, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, banking, computers, software ... Czech
484 points
Identity Verified   Prokop Vantuch
  Tourism,medical/pharmaceutical, sports
English to Czech, Czech to English, Czech sports translator, Czech translator, sports translator, sports translations, sports interpreter, Czech, English, book, books, linguistics, marketing, dissertation, thesis, website, general, medical, medicine, sport, tourism, travel, soccer, pharmaceutics, biology, geography, sports, football, athletics, tennis, hockey, olympic, Ostrava, translator, interpreter, student, překladatel, tlumočník, překlady, tlumočení, čeština, angličtina, český, anglický, disertace, diplomová, knihy, fotbal, hokej, tenis, sportovní překladatel, sportovní překlady ... Czech
318 points
Identity Verified   Petr Kedzior
  Best price/performace ratio you can get
Czech, English, Slovak, IT, computers, technology, software, engineering, law, contracts, agreements, patents, business, finance, medicine, instruments, pharma, ... Czech
265 points
Identity Verified   Misha Smid
  The best Czech translator in Canada
My strength as a translator is in delivering high quality work at very competitive rates while meeting deadlines. Also my understanding of different cultures and access to experts in various fields allows me to provide superior translation services. ... Czech/English
136 points
  Paddy Phillips
  Quality Czech>English translations
, 商务/商业(普通), 旅游与旅行, 营销/市场调研, 印刷与出版, 诗词与文学 ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   James Kirchner
  Czech, Slovak, German, French to English
营销/市场调研, 宗教, 旅游与旅行, 新闻学, 广告/公共关系, 艺术、工艺品、绘画, 汽车制造/轿车与卡车, 商务/商业(普通), 教育/教育学, 金融(普通), 投资/证券, 语言学, 电脑(总称) ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Jennifer Hejtmankova
  local experience, global perspective
Czech, English, Czech translator, English translator, freelance, translator, arts, advertising, real estate, realty, tourism, tourist, history, restaurant, food, recipe, computer, movie, castle, palace, car, cook, sculpture, statue, paint, marketing, český, anglický, překlad, uměni, reklama, reality, jídlo, restaurace, recept, počítače, film, kino, cinema, památka, památky, cestovní ruch, čeština, angličtina, auto, european union, evropská unie, website, localization, lokalizace, medical, zdravotní, medicina, lekář, članky, zprávy, turistika, dějiny, historie, hrad, zámek, malba, malíř, socha, umělecký ... English
0 points
  Henry Dotterer founder
, 考古学, 材料(塑料、陶瓷等), 建筑/土木工程, 诗词与文学, 商务/商业(普通), 汽车制造/轿车与卡车, 影院、影片、电视、戏剧, 金融(普通), 家畜/动物繁殖, 电子/电子工程 ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Radek Lhotsky
medical translations, veterinary, pharmaceutical, clinical studies, English, Czech, informed consent forms, summary of product characteristics, PIL, EMEA, medical devices, cardiology, general medical translations ... Czech
244 points
Identity Verified   Lenka Mandryszová
  Sworn, medicine, pharm., marketing, law
Czech, contracts, law, marketing, pharmaceuticals, medicine ... Czech
237 points
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