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English to Tagalog译员:笔译译员和口译译员名录

English译成Tagalog位笔译译员和口译译员 » General fields

English译成TagalogTech/Engineering译员 (3861)
English译成TagalogArt/Literary译员 (675)
English译成TagalogMedical译员 (1448)
English译成TagalogLaw/Patents译员 (1733)
English译成TagalogScience译员 (3931)
English译成TagalogBus/Financial译员 (51)
English译成TagalogMarketing译员 (683)
English译成TagalogOther译员 (1231)
English译成TagalogSocial Sciences译员 (1727)

English译成Tagalog位笔译译员和口译译员 » Specific fields

English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 会计 (85)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 广告/公共关系 (274)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 航天/航空/太空 (14)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 农业 (64)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 家畜/动物繁殖 (19)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 人类学 (20)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 考古学 (24)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 建筑学 (24)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 艺术、工艺品、绘画 (116)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 天文学与太空 (15)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 金融(普通) (146)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 自动化与机器人 (21)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 汽车制造/轿车与卡车 (56)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 生物学(生物技术、生化、微生物) (63)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 植物学 (43)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 建筑/土木工程 (92)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 商务/商业(普通) (220)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 材料(塑料、陶瓷等) (24)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历 (134)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 化学;化学/化工 (53)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 诗词与文学 (273)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 影院、影片、电视、戏剧 (205)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 纺织/服装/时装 (55)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 电信 (237)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 电脑(总称) (207)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 电脑:硬件 (89)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 电脑:软件 (154)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 电脑:系统、网络 (96)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 法律:合同 (100)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 烹饪/美食 (122)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 化妆品、美容 (75)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 医学:牙科 (42)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 媒体/多媒体 (187)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 经济学 (86)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 教育/教育学 (200)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 电子/电子工程 (45)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 能源/发电 (29)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 工程(总称) (63)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 工程:工业 (42)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 机械/机械工程 (27)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 核能/核子科学 (10)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 环境与生态 (74)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 秘术 (8)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 渔业 (18)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 民间故事 (77)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 餐饮 (129)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 林业/林木/木材 (17)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 家具/家用电器 (50)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 游戏/视频游戏/博彩/赌场 (96)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 采矿与矿物/宝石 (11)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 家谱 (12)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 普通/谈话/问候/信函 (293)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 遗传学 (22)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 地理学 (45)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 地质学 (21)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 政府/政治 (142)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 摄影/影像(及美术) (65)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 医疗:医疗服务 (206)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 历史 (156)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 旅游与旅行 (209)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 人力资源 (139)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 成语/格言/熟语 (120)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 保险 (49)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 国际组织/开发/合作 (74)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 互联网、电子商务 (121)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 投资/证券 (30)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 冶金/冶炼 (4)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: IT(信息技术) (125)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 新闻学 (184)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 房地产 (57)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 法律(总称) (109)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 法律:专利、商标、版权 (40)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 法律:税与海关 (42)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 语言学 (94)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 运输/交通/货运 (51)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 管理 (145)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 制造业 (49)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 船只、航行、海运 (20)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 营销/市场调研 (157)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 数学与统计 (54)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 医疗(总称) (112)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 医学:心血管学 (42)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 医疗:器械 (28)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 医疗:医药 (64)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 气象学 (4)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 计量学 (1)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 军事/国防 (14)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 音乐 (113)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 名字(人名、公司名) (71)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 营养 (67)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 石油能源/石油科学 (12)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 其它 (37)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 纸/造纸 (1)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 专利 (15)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 哲学 (47)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 物理学 (22)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 印刷与出版 (81)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 心理学 (94)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 宗教 (122)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 零售业 (56)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 安全 (12)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: SAP (21)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 科学(普通) (97)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 俚语 (50)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等 (118)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 体育/健身/娱乐 (67)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 问卷调查 (51)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 葡萄酒/酿酒学/葡萄栽培 (7)
English译成Tagalog位笔译译员: 动物学 (33)

English译成Tagalog translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Jake Estrada
  Localization Pioneer in the Philippines
English to Tagalog, English to filipino, cheapest Tagalog, cheapest filipino, cheap Tagalog, cheap filipino, best Tagalog, best filipino, quick Tagalog, quick filipino, Tagalog, filipino, cebuano, visayan, ilonggo, hiligaynon, ilokano, ilocano, philippino, philipino, pilipino, tagalong, bisaya, bisayan, pinoy, what is the Tagalog for, please translate, Tagalog translation, Tagalog translator, filipino translation, filipino translator, learn Tagalog, speak Tagalog, Trados, professional, quickest Tagalog, quickest filipino, rush Tagalog, localization, native speaker, mother tongue, philippines, manila, online Tagalog dictionary, online spellchecker, English into Tagalog, reliable translator, reliable translation, healthcare translation, medical translation, Tagalog interpreter, filipino interpreter, philipino interpreter, philippino interpreter, translate, traduction, ubersetzung, traduzione, traducao, traduccion, pagsasalin, Tagalog dictionary, filipino dictionary, philipino dictionary, ... English/Tagalog
348 points
Identity Verified   Jose Mario Lizardo
  Bridging gaps, linking cultures
English to Tagalog translator. Translation services in Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Medical and Engineering, Tagalog to English, English to Tagalog Proofreading, Quality translation services, Accurate proofreading, Software Localization, Hardware technical manuals, Trados, Traduction, SDLX, Language translation, translation jobs, English Tagalog translation, wiki, English Tagalog translation services, Filipino Translator, Idiom WorldServer, Trados, Philippine Language, Philippines, Linguistic reviewer, Pilipino, Filipino, translator, Google, translator website, Tagalog mp3, Tagalog video, translation agency, Tagalog agency, philippine agency, transcription, transcribing, subtitling, subtitle ... Tagalog
74 points
Identity Verified   Joy Navarro
  "Fast and reliable"
Italian to Tagalog, Tagalog translator, traduttore italiano-filippino, Tagalog, filipino, brochure, health care, italian-Tagalog, Tagalog politics, government, English-Tagalog, Tagalog-English, Italian-Tagalog Translator, Tagalog social services, traduttore Italiano - Tagalog, Italian, English-Tagalog Translation, English-Tagalog Translator, Italian-Tagalog, traduttore Tagalog, translator, Italian, Tagalog Translate, Traduzione Italiano Tagalog, Filipino-English, translator English-Tagalog, traduzione italiano Tagalog, Tagalog-English, Filipino Translation, Philipino Translation, translate English to Tagalog, Tagalog translator, Filipino translator, traduzione italiano-Tagalog, traduzione inglese-Tagalog, Tagalog Translate, joy navarro, traduttore italiano Tagalog, traduzione Italiano - Tagalog ... Tagalog
34 points
Identity Verified   steph_cuevas
  Quality is top priority
English to Tagalog translator, Tagalog translation services, Native Tagalog translator, chemical laboratory manuals, modules, leaflets, medical brochures, handbooks, letters, Materials Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS), Chemistry, General Engineering, General and Physical Sciences, website pages, web pages, Tagalog, Tagalog speaker, booklets, proofreading, editing, website, IT, Computer ... Tagalog
0 points
Identity Verified   Cynthia Trinidad
  Fast, clear, concise, culture-oriented
Native Tagalog/Filipino speaker, Fluent in oral and written English, Tagalog, Filipino, Pilipino, Philipino, Philiphino, Philippines, Filipinas, Filipino, Pilipinas, Pinoy, Ilocano, Bicolano, Pampango, Kapampangan, translator, translate, transcribe, voice over, education, pharmaceutical, medical, health, legal, business, marketing, advertisement, survey, document, forms, ... English/Tagalog
15 points
  Hila A
  Reliable translation & critical proofing
Marketing, translations in general field, education, Medical-general, health care, human services ... Cebuano (Bisayan)/Tagalog
30 points
Identity Verified   Caroline Delizo
  Contextually and culturally appropriate
Tagalog localization, localization Tagalog, filipino localization services, pilipino localization services, philippino localization services, filipino localization. localization filipino, Tagalog medical linguistic validation, filipino medical linguistic validation, ilocano linguistic validation, Tagalog translation, filipino translation, ilocano translation, Tagalog language services, filipino language services, Tagalog services, filipino services, Tagalog transcriber, filipino transcriber, ilocano transcriber, Tagalog translator, filipino translator, ilocano translator, Tagalog editor, , ilocano editor, Tagalog proofreader, , ilocano proofreader, philippines medical linguistic validator, ilocano medical linguistic validation, , ilocano linguistic validation, ilocano translation, ilocano translation, ilocano language services, , ilocano services, ilocano transcriber, ilocano transcriber, ilocano translator, ilocano translator, ilocano editor, ilocano editor, ilocano proofreader, ilocan ... Iloko/Tagalog
24 points
Identity Verified   Romeo Baldovino
  Passion for translation
Filipino, Tagalog, English to Tagalog translation, editing and proofreading, Tagalog to English translation, editing, proofreading, English to Tagalog translation review and editing, Tagalog to English translations, Tagalog to English review and editing, Quality management, Environmental management, Health and Safety Management document translation, Engineering, health care translation, games and gaming, marketing, market research and surveys translation, IT, information technology, recipe translation, diploma translation, certificate translation, transcript of records translation, web site translation, linguistic check ... Tagalog
0 points
Identity Verified   SRLeger
  22 Yrs. of Expert Reliable Translation
translation and interpretation, diplomas and certificates, general literature, business, immigration translations, letters, manuals, subtitling, children's books, flyers and pamphlets, forms, e-mails, and any literature, etc... ... Tagalog
0 points
  Quick and quality translations
Native Tagalog speaker, Religion, Website, Tagalog translator, Filipino translator, English-Filipino translator, Website Content, Spanish-Tagalog, Fashion Magazine, Textile and Clothing, Transcription, Subtitling, Editing, Proofreading, IT, Apps, Software, e-commerce, Marketing, Market Research, Business. ... Tagalog/English
16 points
Identity Verified   Parrot
  The right word for the right occasion
Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Art History, Conservation, Law, Jurisprudence, Cultural Rights, Museums, Museology, Painting, Sculpture, Travel, Tourism, Information Technology, Computer Graphics, Digital Image Processing, Film, Video Editing, Telecommunications, Interpretation Services, Railroads, Railways, Renewable Energies ... English
69 points
, 医疗:医疗服务, 医疗(总称) ... Tagalog
0 points
Identity Verified   ink writer
  Excellent writer. Accurate translator.
, 广告/公共关系, 旅游与旅行, 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等, 营销/市场调研, 法律:合同, 人力资源, 餐饮, 影院、影片、电视、戏剧, 商务/商业(普通), 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历 ... Tagalog/English
0 points
Identity Verified   Marcus Malabad
  Quality, Accuracy and Experience
German English Russian Spanish French translation, translate, into English, manual, engineering translation, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, nuclear engineering, plant engineering, automotive engineering, aeronautical engineering, marine engineering, safety engineering, power engineering, robotics, manufacturing, car assembly, vehicle assembly, robotic assembly, robotic welding, robotic soldering, robotic painting, aircraft, airplane parts, aerodynamics, principles of flight, science, finance, literary, sports, physics, software, mechanical, electrical, machines, manuals, robotics, car assembly, assembly lines, manufacturing, production, industrial plants, industrial installations, machinery, robots, English to Tagalog, Tagalog, German to English, German, pharmaceuticals, drug trials, drug assays, user manuals, user instructions, operating manual, operating instructions, instruction manual, user guide, operating in ... English/Tagalog
24 points
教育/教育学, 金融(普通), 医疗:医药, 营养, 安全, 商务/商业(普通), 医学:心血管学, 普通/谈话/问候/信函, 管理, 营销/市场调研, 医疗:医疗服务, 医疗(总称), 房地产, 旅游与旅行 ... English/Tagalog
0 points
Identity Verified   MeredithRamirez
  Harvard-educated native Tagalog speaker
Tagalog, medical, legal, business, literature, interpreting, technology, software ... English/Tagalog
0 points
filipino, business, health care, media, general ... Tagalog/English
0 points
Identity Verified   Carol Pons
  Accurate, Concise & Timely
translator, freelance, freelancer, freelance translator, English translator, English freelance translator, translation, translations, English translation, English translations, translate, translate English, translating, translating English, translated, translated English, native, native speaker, English native speaker, quality, reliable, available, trados, cat, DTP, PDF, Spanish, Catalan, Tagalog, Filipino, English, Spanish to English translator, Spanish to English translation, Spanish to English translations, Catalan to English translator, Catalan to English translation, Catalan to English translations, Tagalog to English translator, Tagalog to English translation, Tagalog to English translations, Filipino to English translator, Filipino to English translation, Filipino to English translations, editor, English editor, edition, editions, English edition, English editions, edit, edit English, editing, English editing, edited, English edited, proofreader, English proofreader, proofread, ... Tagalog/English
0 points
Identity Verified   roselei
  prompt and high quality service
native Ilocano translator, native Ilocano speaker, Ilocano translation, Iluko translator, English to Ilocano, English to Tagalog, English to Filipino, Tagalog translator, Tagalog translation, Filipino translator ... Iloko/Tagalog
0 points
  Translator, Interpreter, IT Professional
Chinese, English, computers, technology, IT, software, engineering, business, marketing, entertainment, religion, political science, sociology, general-purpose documents ... Chinese/Tagalog
0 points
  Kickwords Limited
  The added value for your business growth
translation services, translation online, translator, certified translations, usa, canada, uk, translate, word translate, language translator, translators, online translator, free translation, translater, translate website, interpreter services, international translations, English to french translation services, french to English, german to English translator, norwegian to English translation services, spanish to English translation services, English to italian, English to japanese translation, English to chinese, English to afrikans, latin translations ... English
0 points
  Professional Language Services
translations, translation services, translation agency, English translation, proofreading, transcription, revision, editing, post editing, checking, technology, localization, globalization, software, hardware, automotive, games, healthcare, marketing, Norwegian translation, Swedish translation, Übersetzen, traduction. ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   DailyTranslate
  Native speakers only
Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Reviewing, TEP, Transcription, Transcription+Translation, Copy writing, Trans creation, Transliteration, Back Translation, Machine Translation, Localization, Quality Assurance, Subtitling, DTP, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Automotive Translations, Financial Translations, Marketing Translations, IT Translations, Computers : Hardware&Software, CV, Licences, Diplomas, Certificates, Pharmaceutical Translations, Engineering Translations, Literary Translations, Mechanical Translations, Culinary Translations, Websites translation, Software Localization, Instruction Manuals Translation, Clinical Studies Translation, Governmental Translation, Multimedia Localization, Multilingual DTP, Document Translation, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dari, Estonian, Farsi, Filipino, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Hmong, Hungar ... English
0 points
Language Translation, Translator, Translation, voice over, Transcription, Foreign Language, Indian Language, European Language, Asian Language, Sworn Translator, Document Translation, Certified Translation, Certified Translator, Native Translator, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English Translation, Finnish, French, German, Greek Translation, Hebrew, Hungarian, Bahasa, Indonesian Translation, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish Translation, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Translation, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Translation, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi Translation, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya Translation, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu Translation, Various Indian regional Languages, Asian languages, European Languages, African Languages, Middle East Languages, Eastern Languages Translators from India, Translators for Indian Languages, Hindi Translators, Kashmiri Translaotrs, Assamese translators, Oriya Translators, Punjabi Translators, Indonesian translators, Tagalog ... English
0 points
  A.K Janjelo
  “Translation…bridges connecting nations”
Arabic, English, translation, translation analysis, material analysis, localization, proofreading, management, religious translation, research and transcription ... Arabic/English
0 points
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