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Portuguese译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » General fields

Portuguese译成EnglishTech/Engineering译员 (35)
Portuguese译成EnglishArt/Literary译员 (11711)
Portuguese译成EnglishMedical译员 (10972)
Portuguese译成EnglishLaw/Patents译员 (1)
Portuguese译成EnglishScience译员 (2779)
Portuguese译成EnglishBus/Financial译员 (1)
Portuguese译成EnglishMarketing译员 (1)
Portuguese译成EnglishOther译员 (2023)
Portuguese译成EnglishSocial Sciences译员 (11806)

Portuguese译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » Specific fields

Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 会计
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 广告/公共关系
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 航天/航空/太空 (767)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 农业
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 家畜/动物繁殖 (577)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 人类学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 考古学 (455)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 建筑学 (1042)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 艺术、工艺品、绘画 (2444)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 天文学与太空 (405)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 金融(普通) (3442)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 自动化与机器人
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 汽车制造/轿车与卡车 (1481)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 生物学(生物技术、生化、微生物) (1523)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 植物学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 建筑/土木工程
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 商务/商业(普通)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 材料(塑料、陶瓷等)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 化学;化学/化工
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 诗词与文学 (3878)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 影院、影片、电视、戏剧 (4342)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 纺织/服装/时装 (1421)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 电信 (2609)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 电脑(总称)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:硬件
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:软件
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:系统、网络
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 法律:合同 (2702)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 烹饪/美食
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 化妆品、美容
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 医学:牙科 (706)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 媒体/多媒体
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 经济学 (1746)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 教育/教育学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 电子/电子工程
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 能源/发电
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 工程(总称) (1827)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 工程:工业
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 机械/机械工程
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 核能/核子科学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 环境与生态 (2014)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 秘术
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 渔业
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 民间故事 (689)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 餐饮
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 林业/林木/木材 (479)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 家具/家用电器
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 游戏/视频游戏/博彩/赌场 (2282)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 采矿与矿物/宝石 (549)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 家谱 (209)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 普通/谈话/问候/信函
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 遗传学 (538)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 地理学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 地质学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 政府/政治 (2449)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 摄影/影像(及美术) (1036)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医疗服务
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 历史
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 旅游与旅行 (4241)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 人力资源
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 成语/格言/熟语 (1327)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 保险 (905)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 国际组织/开发/合作
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 互联网、电子商务 (2250)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 投资/证券
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 冶金/冶炼 (475)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: IT(信息技术) (2397)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 新闻学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 房地产
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 法律(总称)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 法律:专利、商标、版权
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 法律:税与海关 (986)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 语言学 (2474)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 运输/交通/货运 (1640)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 管理 (1981)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 制造业
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 船只、航行、海运 (651)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 营销/市场调研
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 数学与统计 (536)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 医疗(总称)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 医学:心血管学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:器械
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医药
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 气象学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 计量学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 军事/国防 (499)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 音乐
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 名字(人名、公司名) (475)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 营养
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 石油能源/石油科学 (1242)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 其它
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 纸/造纸
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 专利 (450)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 哲学 (1075)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 物理学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 印刷与出版 (894)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 心理学
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 宗教
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 零售业
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 安全 (245)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: SAP (305)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 科学(普通)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 俚语
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 体育/健身/娱乐 (1526)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 问卷调查 (507)
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 葡萄酒/酿酒学/葡萄栽培
Portuguese译成English位笔译译员: 动物学

Portuguese译成English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   R-i-c-h-a-r-d
  All Things Portuguese Sorted With Ease
Richard Alex Jenkins, Portuguese to English Translator, technical specialist and technical translator, engineer, engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, electronics, computing, information technology, business and contracts, metallurgy, iron and steel industry, mining. Environmental issues and the Amazon. ... English
2292 points
Identity Verified   airmailrpl
  Fast - good price - accurate
Technical Translation, Engineering, Project Management, Contract, Electrical translation, Product Brochures, Software Manuals, Tender Documents, Bid Proposals, Operation-Installation-Maintenance-Manuals, Operation Manuals, Installation Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Electrical Engineering, Tenders Bid Documents, Job-site consecutive interpretation, Training consecutive interpretation, Proof reading, Editing, ... English/Portuguese
3598 points
Identity Verified   Douglas Bissell
  Business Language Solutions Pt>Eng
English, native, law, transports, mechanics, business, commerce ... English
1738 points
Identity Verified   Donna Sandin
  35 years experience Brazilian legal
legal, contracts, lawsuits, legislation, politics, business, economics, financearbitration, current events, tourism, African development issues ... English
1112 points
Identity Verified   Sormane Fitzgerald Gomes
  Fully bilingual; pharm/med, among others
brazilian Portuguese into English, English into brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese, Portuguese translator, Portuguese translations, Portuguese, brazilian Portuguese, translation services, certification, advertising, public relations, art, arts, music, business, commerce, finance, insurance, law, patents, hospitality, education, marketing, market research, medical, pharmaceuticals, health care, biology, bacteriology, virology, microbiology, music, tourism, travel, legal, immigration, IT, bilingual, translator, interpreter, editing, formatting, DTP, desktop publishing, transcription, subtitling, glossary development, multilingual projects, localization ... English/Portuguese
1699 points
Identity Verified   Todd Field
  Portuguese Business Specialist
Portuguese English translation, translation, proofreading, editing, , tradução português ingles, tradução, ingles, revisão, edição, traducción portugués inglés, traducción inglés, traducción inglés, revision, edición, business, marketing, accounting, finance, computers, IT, empresarial, contabilidade, financeira, informática, TI, negocios, contabilidad, finanzas, computación ... English
594 points
Identity Verified   Charles R. Castleberry
  transversing the globe since 1999
Portuguese to English, Portuguese-English translation, market research translation, legal translation, business translation, Trados Studio 2017; English translator, Portuguese English translator; arquitetural translation, tradução inglês-português, tradução de inglês para português, tradução jurídico, translate Portuguese to English, Particular Ideas LLC, Charles Richard Serviços Administrativos Internacionais ... English
348 points
Identity Verified   Elvira Alves Barry
  Professional language services
Business, advertising, corporate law, legal contracts, international development, website translation, literature, folklore, travel, tourism, Portuguese ... English
329 points
Identity Verified   Lindsay Spratt
  Port/Spa/Cat-Eng, IoL DipTrans, MACantab
translator, professional translator, translator barcelona, MA Cantab, Cambridge, Cambridge MA, Cambridge translator, Portuguese to English translation, Portuguese translator, brazilian Portuguese English translator, brazilian Portuguese, port-eng translator, brazil translator, spanish to English translator, british translator, UK English, british English, british translator in Brazil, português para inglês tradução, native English speaker, Cambridge graduate, Cambridge English degree, English literature, IOL DipTrans, traducción español inglés, tradutor inglês nativo, English editor, English proofreader, English transcription, transcription, qualified English editor, professional English editor, English proofreader, professional proofreader, editor, edição, correção de texto, economics, business, literature, international development, rio de janeiro, barcelona, Cambridge, IOL, British translator, tradutor britânico, traductor británico, lindsay spratt, lindsay, spratt, qualified transl ... English
311 points
Identity Verified   Paul Brown
  ES/PT > Native English Translations
Portuguese to English Spanish to English Business/Financial Legal Academic texts CV's Non-fiction Marketing Website translations Transcription/Translation Sports Tourism Culinary History ... English
188 points
Identity Verified   Mark Thompson
  Swift and sure
Portuguese to English translator, Portuguese to English interpreter, Siderurgia, mineração, mármore e granito, meio ambiente, sustentabilidade, recursos humanos, marketing, esportes, websites, localização, legendagem, intérprete de congressos, acompanhamento no Brasil e o Reino Unido, seminários, palestras, reuniões, simultânea, consecutiva, sussurada. Steel making, mining, marble and granite, environment, sustainability, human resources, marketing, sports, websites, localisation, localization, subtitling, transcription, conference interpreter, seminars, meetings, lectures, presentations, simultaneous, consecutive, fixing, fixer, accompanying in UK and Brazil, whispered, fast accurate service. ... English
165 points
  Verlow Junior, MITI
  Qualified/Certified Translator
medical, legal, business, contracts, resumes, CV, articles, marketing, news, academic paper, abstract, report, letter, manuscript ... English
161 points
Identity Verified   ROCHA-ROBINSON
  28years Forging Ahead! (a ferro e fogo!)
medical, legal, financial, tenders, contracts, reports, certificates, tourism, poetry, literature, books, marketing, communications, agriculture, mining, software, banking, courts, fauna and flora, technological, brochures, pamphlets, newspaper items ... English
161 points
Identity Verified   Ben Kohn
  Fluency and Fidelity guaranteed
Translation, translations, Portuguese translator, Portuguese interpreter, Portuguese translation, interpreter in Brazil, technical translations, legal translations, sworn translations, Oil & gas translations, turbomachinery, accredited by ABRATES ... English
128 points
Identity Verified   Melissa Mann
  *elegant spoken & written communication*
contract, contratos, legal, jurídico, patents, patentes, brands, marcas, business, negócios, comércio, IPOs, government, governo, gobierno, organizations, organizações, organizaciones, labor, laboral, trabalhista, copyrights, derechos del autor, direitos de autor, defense, defesa, criminal, international, internacional, Portuguese, português, portugués, spanish, espanhol, español. ... English
112 points
Identity Verified   Lesley S
publicly certified translator, English translator, Portuguese translator, certified translator, Trados user, Wordfast user, legal translator, tradutora de inglês, tradutor de inglês, tradutora nativa, tradutor nativo, tradutora juramentada, tradutor juramentado, empresa de tradução, empresa de tradução em São Paulo ... English
108 points
Identity Verified   Kim Edwards-Buarque
  Natural, high quality translation
Portuguese, português, spanish, espanhol, English, inglês, inglés, tourism, turismo, marketing, sales, ventas, vendas, business, negocio, law, derecho, direito, legal, contracts, contractos, contratos, advertising, anuncio, publicity, publicidad, publicidade, keywords, palavra-chave, palabra clave, SEM, media, localization, localización, localizaçao, social media, redes socials, redes sociais, website, web, newsletter, script, guion, subtitles, legend, legenda, clothes, rope, roupa, moda, fashion, textiles, sport, deportes, esporte, surf, surfe, triathlon, triatlón, medical, medicina, médico, cartas, letters, greetings, retail varejo, customer service, atención al publico, atendimento ao publico, public relations, relaciones públicas, relaçoes publicas, prensa, press, events, eventos, organization, organización, orgnizaçao, education, educación, educaçao, teaching, enseñanza, sponsorship, patrocino, patrocinio, hotel, restaurant restaurante, airline, linea aérea, touroperador, tour ope ... English
72 points
Identity Verified   SDAnderson
  A T A Certified - Por into Eng
business, financial, legal, technical, academic, grant, proposals, reports, natural, social, science, environment, energy, remote, sensing, gis, Amazon, region ... English
59 points
  Dr Juliet Attwater
  Prompt professional perfectionist.
Brazilian Portuguese, The Arts, Culture, Education, Social Sciences ... English
36 points
Identity Verified   Diane Grosklaus Whitty
  Ideas crossing cultures
medical interpreter, literature, social sciences, environment, engineering, ATA, certified, medicine, health care, public health, political science, academic, birth certificates, marriage licenses, school transcripts ... English
48 points
Identity Verified   Douglas Divers
  Accuracy, Integrity, Prompt Delivery
Legal, Telecommunications, Engineering, Construction, Pharmaceutical ... English
46 points
Identity Verified   Blocksom
  making Portuguese read like real English
Portuguese, English, Spanish, anthropology, music, musicology, ethnomusicology, social sciences, marketing, construction, business, software, localization, moderator, birth certificate, marriage certificate, Global Online Marketing Campaign, Risk Management Manual, Bankruptcy Filing, Claims Made Policy, Sale and Purchase Deed, Account Statement, Consolidated Earnings Report, Outpatient Service Record, Basel Accord, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate. ... English
4 points
  Elizabeth Best
  ATA Cert; Marketing, Journalism, Finance
Portuguese, English, marketing, localization, photography, graphic design, public health, tourism, correspondence, letters, conversation, interpreting, translation, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, conference interpreting, Amazon, missions, Christian, literature, advertising, websites, proofreading, editing, copy writing, publications, bilingual, fluent, hospitality, XTM, Wordfast, travel, final copy, art, desktop publishing, medical, pharmaceutical, religion, Biblical materials, business, finance, rainforest ecology, evangelism, evangelical, church, counseling, journalism ... English
16 points
  Jerel Pulicicchio
  Brazilian Portuguese to English
Portuguese to English translation, native English translator, brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, English, native, scientific paper, finance, medical translation, financial statement translation, legal document translation, patent translator, FCPA translation, brazilian Portuguese to English translator ... English
4 points
Identity Verified   Danielle Deremo Cosimo
  American; ATA certified; Berkeley grad
linguistics, translation, Portuguese, English, português, inglês tradução, revisão, artigo cientifico, resumo, tradução de medicina, ciência inglês, English revision, confirme gramática inglesa, editar meu artigo, traduzir meu artigo para inglês, tradução de artigo científico, intérprete português inglês, Portuguese interpreter, interpreter in Brazil, intérprete médico, tradutor nativo inglês, American translator, native English speaker, English translator ... English
4 points
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