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Certified translations are sometimes required for official purposes. What constitutes "certification" in translation differs from place to place (ie. the regulations in th United States are different than they are in Canada or the UK), and sometimes there are legal implications. The ProZ.com "certified pro network" is a network of professional translators (many of them freelancers) who have either been certified by a professional association, or who have been screened by professional peers. It is possible to search among this network for certified translators (or "sworn translators") who have the qualifications you require. Many show their rates or offer free quotes through their profiles.

什么是 ProZ.com 认证专家网络?

ProZ.com认证专家网络是ProZ.com社区发起的一项倡议活动,其目的是识别不同语言对的合格译员,并让他们能够在一个完全由经过筛选的专业人士所构成的环境中联谊和相互协作。那些为计划所接纳的译员将获得“ProZ.com Certified PRO”称号和封印,可选择标示于简介页面以及 ProZ.com 内外的其它地方。


ProZ.com 认证专家网络是个强大的新功能,让行业内的一流专业翻译人士得以证明其优秀的身份,不仅透过其独特技能的展现(符合已公布的行业标准),还包括同行/客户/供应商发表的审查意见,也许在不久以后也可透过经验证的从业纪录。假以时日,我们相信这一认证网络将更加有利于业界一流专业人才和顶尖企业之间的沟通与合作,特别是在某项工作必须确实完成与支付相应报酬时。



  1. 翻译能力*
    1. 源语言技能
    2. 目标语言技能
    3. 研究技能
    4. 文化技能
    5. 技术技能
  2. 业务可靠性
  3. 优良会员

* 基于 EN 15038

Note: ProZ.com professional membership is required for admittance into the Certified PRO Network for freelance translators and ProZ.com business membership is required for businesses; beyond that, there is no additional charge for participation.

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ProZ.com 认证专家自由译员


Everyone in the group seems so enthusiastic, and rightly so. It is perhaps the first stage in regulating the profession.

Many many thanks to all the people who made this possible!

Thank you so much for accepting my application to join this network.