Priručnik za prevodioce (Translators’ Handbook)

By: Čedomir Pušica

Categories: Business, Freelancing, Getting started, Translation

Priručnik za prevodioce (The Translators’ Handbook) has come about as a response to many questions and uncertainties that translators and other freelancers face, starting from studies, through subject-matter specialization to the moment they set out into the business or entrepreneurial waters.

A captivating, easy to read book that will keep your attention from cover to cover. The Handbook addresses translation from a business perspective and is designed as a lasting reference point.

The Handbook combines best global and personal experience and seeks to promote small and medium enterprises. Through author’s systematic approach to each single aspect of an individual’s professional career, you will get the big picture of your own place in the business mosaic and receive enough information to quick start your development and use your potential to the fullest.