Korean to English译员:笔译译员和口译译员名录

Korean译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » General fields

Korean译成EnglishTech/Engineering译员 (35)
Korean译成EnglishArt/Literary译员 (11711)
Korean译成EnglishMedical译员 (10972)
Korean译成EnglishLaw/Patents译员 (1)
Korean译成EnglishScience译员 (2779)
Korean译成EnglishBus/Financial译员 (1)
Korean译成EnglishMarketing译员 (1)
Korean译成EnglishOther译员 (2023)
Korean译成EnglishSocial Sciences译员 (11806)

Korean译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » Specific fields

Korean译成English位笔译译员: 会计
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 广告/公共关系 (722)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 航天/航空/太空
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 农业
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 家畜/动物繁殖 (49)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 人类学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 考古学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 建筑学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 艺术、工艺品、绘画 (429)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 天文学与太空 (61)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 金融(普通)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 自动化与机器人
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 汽车制造/轿车与卡车
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 生物学(生物技术、生化、微生物)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 植物学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 建筑/土木工程
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 商务/商业(普通) (895)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 材料(塑料、陶瓷等)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历 (357)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 化学;化学/化工 (250)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 诗词与文学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 影院、影片、电视、戏剧 (732)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 纺织/服装/时装 (348)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 电信 (421)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 电脑(总称) (640)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:硬件
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:软件 (576)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:系统、网络 (405)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 法律:合同
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 烹饪/美食 (329)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 化妆品、美容
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 医学:牙科 (125)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 媒体/多媒体 (564)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 经济学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 教育/教育学 (541)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 电子/电子工程
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 能源/发电 (205)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 工程(总称)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 工程:工业 (160)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 机械/机械工程 (268)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 核能/核子科学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 环境与生态
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 秘术 (25)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 渔业 (19)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 民间故事
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 餐饮 (398)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 林业/林木/木材
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 家具/家用电器
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 游戏/视频游戏/博彩/赌场
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 采矿与矿物/宝石
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 家谱 (22)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 普通/谈话/问候/信函
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 遗传学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 地理学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 地质学 (28)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 政府/政治 (423)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 摄影/影像(及美术) (173)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医疗服务
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 历史 (275)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 旅游与旅行 (841)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 人力资源 (347)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 成语/格言/熟语 (111)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 保险 (220)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 国际组织/开发/合作
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 互联网、电子商务
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 投资/证券
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 冶金/冶炼 (48)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: IT(信息技术) (610)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 新闻学 (362)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 房地产
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 法律(总称) (509)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 法律:专利、商标、版权
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 法律:税与海关
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 语言学 (312)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 运输/交通/货运 (285)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 管理
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 制造业 (170)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 船只、航行、海运
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 营销/市场调研
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 数学与统计
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 医疗(总称)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 医学:心血管学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:器械
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医药 (295)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 气象学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 计量学 (15)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 军事/国防
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 音乐
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 名字(人名、公司名) (104)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 营养 (140)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 石油能源/石油科学 (114)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 其它 (90)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 纸/造纸
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 专利 (224)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 哲学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 物理学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 印刷与出版
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 心理学
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 宗教
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 零售业
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 安全
Korean译成English位笔译译员: SAP
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 科学(普通) (344)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 俚语 (92)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等 (396)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 体育/健身/娱乐
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 问卷调查 (179)
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 葡萄酒/酿酒学/葡萄栽培
Korean译成English位笔译译员: 动物学 (29)

Korean译成English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Samuel Henderson
  On time and on target.
English native speaker, certified translator, patent agent, JD, law degree, KST, ATA, MemoQ, patents, patent claims, contracts, law, legal, Korean law, Korean regulations, enforcement decree, enforcement rule, environment, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, pharmaceuticals, chemistry ... English
44 points
Identity Verified   Steven S. Bammel
  Financial Translator, 20+ Yrs, Certified
Korean translation, Korean translator, Korean business translator, Korean financial translator, Korean contract, Korean financial, Korean legal, Korean business, Korean patent, contract, financial, legal, business, commerce, patent ... English
36 points
Identity Verified   Literatim
  Professional EN<>KO Translation Services
Korean, translation, l10n, i18n, Korean to English, English to Korean, native English, proofreading, editing, formatting, transcription, typesetting, DTP, Seoul, Korea, Trados, TM, translation memory, localization, user manual, expert, professional ... English/Korean
0 points
Identity Verified   Lincoln6408
  Expert in clinical trial documents
Korean translator, social science, legal, business, accounting, IT, Korean to English, English to Korean, excellent, reliable, friendly, responsive, research based translation, Korean language, academic manuscript, religion, education, government, diploma, certificate, legal documents, legal translation, medical translation ... Korean
0 points
Identity Verified   Sanghyo Lee
  Formerly Lecturer in Higher Education
Korean, English, translation, translator, localization, education, higher education, art, design, marketing ... Korean
0 points
Identity Verified   Young Kwon
  The most reliable translator in Korea
Over 30 years business and translation experiences IT high-tech fields, Legal education at Seoul National University Press releases, technical and legal documents for government agencies, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Samsung ... Korean
86 points
Identity Verified   nakcl
  M.D. certified both from Korea and UK
Medical Doctor Specialist of Pediatrics (South Korea) Certification of Basic Specialist from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health of the UK (Dec 2005) IELTS overall score 7.0 Full time professional translator (Documents and books) ... Korean
86 points
Identity Verified   Hyuk Hwang
  I deliver quality translations, fast!
English to Korean Translator, Electronic/Electric Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Localization, Web Site, Life Science, Environment, Marketing, Market Research, Branding, Quality Management Manual, Work Procedures, General Business Documents (Instruction Manual, Contract/MOU) Distributor Agreement) ... Korean
64 points
Identity Verified   Kortrans
  Accredited Korean Translator
Korean Translation, certified translator, English to Korean, Korean to English, accredited translator, legal translation, clinical trials, technical translation, manual translation, software, program, IT translation ... Korean
52 points
Identity Verified   Jungho Jo
  IT, mobile, business, law, marketing
Korean, Translation, Translator, Localization, Translate, English, Editing, Proofreading, Android, Java, C++, MFC, iPhone, Application, Software, Agreement, Contract, Embedded system, Computer, MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, SDS, Chemicals, Safety, Games, Mobile, Localize, Trados, Software, Manual, App ... Korean
48 points
Identity Verified   English2Korean
  Toward the most reliable services
English to Korean Translation Service Korean to English Translation Service Russian to Korean Translation Service proof-reading, translation, transcription, English to Korean, English 2 Korean, English2Korean, IT related, business, art, humanities, social science, movie, TV programme, legal, transportation, software localization, children's education, consultation for English education publishing in Korea, electrical products' manual, exhibition pamphlet, website construction in English ... Korean
44 points
Identity Verified   Daniel Graham
  High-end service
Native speaker, native English, Korean-English, audio transcription, patents, medicine, semiconductors, computers, S&T policy, national R&D programs, law, politics, transportation, communications, technical, engineering, religion, history, philosophy, medicine, business ... English
16 points
  Jay Kwak
  Business Class Translation
Advertising for major Airlines, MBA degreed, Over 10 years in marketing communications, terse and clear localization for many IT related materials ... Korean
32 points
Identity Verified   Junhui Park
  Certified Korean translator
Korean translation services, Korean translator, Certified Korean translator, Certified Korean court interpreter, Certified Korean medical interpreter, Korean interpreter in Seoul, Korean interpreter in Los Angeles, Korean legal document into English, Korean patent translator, English into Korean translation, Korean into English translation, State of California court certified interpreter ... Korean/English
20 points
Identity Verified   WordCreative
  Experienced legal/ financial translator
Korean to English, Legal, Contracts, Finance, CAT, software, Financial, Bi-cultural, Bicultural, ... English
8 points
  Sergio Andrade Jr
, 影院、影片、电视、戏剧, 游戏/视频游戏/博彩/赌场, 旅游与旅行 ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Patrick Song
  Clear, Concise, Accurate
Korean, English, translation, editing, economics, business, government, medical, pharma, consulting, mcgill, yonsei, native English, law, legal ... English
0 points
  Jamie Jin
  Experienced Korean to English translator
Korean, English, Legal, Financial, International Development, Literature, Academic text ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Leo Olivas
  English native speaker resident of Korea
Automotive, business, communications, entertainment, gaming, journalism, medical, research, tourism, thesis, poetry, literature, Korean, English, voice recording, news, welfare, music, marketing, Korean to English, Korean translator, proofreading, proofreader, editing, Korean interpreter, Seoul translator, Korean interpreter, Cheonan Interpreter, Incheon Interpreter, Cheonan translator, Incheon translator, cars, geology, mountains ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   CJ Colling
  The Canadian Korean-English Translator
Rich and diverse experience in texts unique to Korea, scientific documentation, academic literature, technical information, litigation discovery materials, handwritten Korean, audio/visual files, marketing surveys, non-profit organizations 한국어 전문 문서와 관련하여 풍부하고 다양한 경험 보유, 비영리단체, 과학 관련 문서, 학술 문헌, 기술 정보, 법원, 광고, 은행 및 재정, 비즈니스 마케팅, 토목 공학, 데이터 통신, 경제, 전기 공학, 법과 법학, 의료, 노동위생 및 산업위생, 의료 — 정신과, 금속 공학, 특허 번역, 정치학, 증거개시, 자필 한국어, 오디오/이미지 파일, 마케팅 설문조사, 이민 서류, 계약서 ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   David Lukens
  Korean translation experts
Korean, English, Japanese, business, contract, translation, lingusitics ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   ajoy
  Professional Korean-English Translator
商务/商业(普通), 教育/教育学, 国际组织/开发/合作, 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历, 普通/谈话/问候/信函 ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Edwin Mize
  Accurate Japanese/Korean to English
legal, litigation, lawsuit, civil action, discovery, ediscovery, e-discovery disclosure, business, technical, medical, marketing, intelligence, analysis, expert, seasoned, experienced ... English
4 points
Identity Verified   Thomas Kim
  18 years as a professional translator
localization, localisation, Korean, English, medical translation, technology, software, machinery, hydraulics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, game, mobile, application ... Korean/Japanese
12 points
Identity Verified   Sung Lee
  Tours, Cosmetics, Marketing
Korean, business, politics, economics, marketing, cosmetics, localization, tourism, travel ... Korean/English
0 points
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