Finnish to English译员:笔译译员和口译译员名录

Finnish译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » General fields

Finnish译成EnglishTech/Engineering译员 (979)
Finnish译成EnglishArt/Literary译员 (1595)
Finnish译成EnglishMedical译员 (271)
Finnish译成EnglishLaw/Patents译员 (2314)
Finnish译成EnglishScience译员 (1629)
Finnish译成EnglishBus/Financial译员 (1106)
Finnish译成EnglishMarketing译员 (291)
Finnish译成EnglishOther译员 (8691)
Finnish译成EnglishSocial Sciences译员 (23319)

Finnish译成English位笔译译员和口译译员 » Specific fields

Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 会计 (132)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 广告/公共关系 (337)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 航天/航空/太空 (50)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 农业
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 家畜/动物繁殖 (40)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 人类学
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 考古学 (47)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 建筑学 (78)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 艺术、工艺品、绘画 (179)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 天文学与太空 (29)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 金融(普通) (265)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 自动化与机器人 (65)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 汽车制造/轿车与卡车
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 生物学(生物技术、生化、微生物) (80)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 植物学 (49)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 建筑/土木工程 (166)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 商务/商业(普通) (370)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 材料(塑料、陶瓷等) (70)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 证书、毕业证、执照、个人简历 (175)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 化学;化学/化工
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 诗词与文学 (228)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 影院、影片、电视、戏剧
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 纺织/服装/时装
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 电信 (263)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 电脑(总称) (229)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:硬件 (173)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:软件 (287)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 电脑:系统、网络
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 法律:合同 (192)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 烹饪/美食 (186)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 化妆品、美容
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 医学:牙科 (50)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 媒体/多媒体 (257)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 经济学
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 教育/教育学
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 电子/电子工程
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 能源/发电 (110)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 工程(总称) (194)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 工程:工业 (109)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 机械/机械工程 (161)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 核能/核子科学 (36)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 环境与生态 (165)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 秘术 (34)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 渔业 (25)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 民间故事
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 餐饮
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 林业/林木/木材
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 家具/家用电器 (107)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 游戏/视频游戏/博彩/赌场 (238)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 采矿与矿物/宝石 (33)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 家谱 (19)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 普通/谈话/问候/信函 (270)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 遗传学 (29)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 地理学 (83)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 地质学 (22)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 政府/政治
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 摄影/影像(及美术)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医疗服务 (166)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 历史 (157)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 旅游与旅行 (423)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 人力资源 (170)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 成语/格言/熟语
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 保险 (87)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 国际组织/开发/合作 (129)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 互联网、电子商务
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 投资/证券 (59)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 冶金/冶炼
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: IT(信息技术)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 新闻学
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 房地产 (85)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 法律(总称)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 法律:专利、商标、版权 (96)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 法律:税与海关 (75)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 语言学 (183)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 运输/交通/货运 (147)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 管理
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 制造业 (99)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 船只、航行、海运
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 营销/市场调研 (294)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 数学与统计 (40)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 医疗(总称) (238)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 医学:心血管学 (54)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:器械 (95)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 医疗:医药 (142)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 气象学 (4)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 计量学 (11)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 军事/国防 (56)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 音乐
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 名字(人名、公司名) (37)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 营养 (76)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 石油能源/石油科学 (41)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 其它 (73)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 纸/造纸 (70)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 专利 (48)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 哲学
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 物理学 (32)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 印刷与出版 (99)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 心理学
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 宗教 (86)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 零售业 (62)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 安全 (25)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: SAP (28)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 科学(普通) (160)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 俚语
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等 (164)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 体育/健身/娱乐 (134)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 问卷调查 (55)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 葡萄酒/酿酒学/葡萄栽培 (40)
Finnish译成English位笔译译员: 动物学

Finnish译成English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Pietari Valtonen
  Prompt, professional and reliable.
IT, technical documentation, subtitling, business, technical, engineering, tourism, marketing, copywriter, automotive, owner's manual, owner manuals, hardware, software, printers, home appliances, monitors, Q/A, trucks, warranties, realiable, fast, qualified, experienced, multiple languages, multilingual, white goods, reason codes, digital camera, photography, video, audio, web sites, localization, strings, bug reporting, telephony, testing, tester, JIRA, interpretation, tulkkaus, interpreter, tulkki, Finnish-English, English-Finnish, czech-Finnish, slovak-Finnish, Finnish-czech, slovak-czech, suomi-englanti, englanti-suomi, tsekki-suomi, suomi-tsekki, slovakki-suomi, suomi-slovakki, finština, slovenština, překladatel, tlumočník, manuály, dokumentace, webové stránky, uživatelské příručky, uživatelské manuály, překlady z finštiny, profesionální ... Finnish
84 points
  Desmond O'Rourke
Finnish-English, English-Finnish, law, patents, discovery, deposition, business, medical, pharmaceutical, arts, architecture, transcripts, INS, USCIS, sociology, journalism, genealogy, interpreting, copywriting, advertising, voice-overs ... English
767 points
Identity Verified   Erkki Pekkinen
  Ex-Aussie forester+various lang.combos
Forestry, forest industries, education, natural sciences, telecom, IT, contracts, patents, Finnish, English, german, swedish ... English/Finnish
262 points
Identity Verified   Anu Carroll
lääketiede, lääketieteellinen, lääketieteelliset, lääketieteellisiä, sairaskertomus, sairauskertomus, terveydenhuolto, kliininen, kliiniset, lääketutkimus, lääketutkimukset, tutkittavan tiedote, tutkimustiedote, suostumus, medical, medicine, health record, medical record, patient record, clinical, clinical trial, ICF, healthcare, health care, valmisteyhteenveto, SPC, SmPC, pakkausseloste, potilastiedote, PIL, detail-oriented, attention to detail ... English
132 points
Identity Verified   Setti Mulari
  #1 in Finnish to English!
finance, financial, security, insurance, quarterly report, fsa, vakuutus, talous, finanssi ... Finnish/English
55 points
Identity Verified   Hannele Marttila
  bilingual exp translator/writer
English, Finnish, Danish. medical, legal, contracts, literature, commercial, banking, annual reports, bids, tenders, ITT, food science, cooking, internal communications, travel, journalism, pharmaceutical, classic cars, project management, back translations, editing, proofreading, patient histories, medical white papers, contracts, medical or financial articles, court procedures, back translations, pharmaceutical brochures, Pharmaceutical instructions for use, Doctor statements, marketing brochures, project management documentation, certificates ... Finnish/English
46 points
Identity Verified   Robert Connal
Finnish, English, history, archaeology, computing, technical, tourism, general, editing, proofreading ... English
7 points
Identity Verified   hetongzhi
Retired, diplomat, experienced translator, slova, k czech, russian, ukrainian, polish, Finnish, swedish ... English
0 points
  Peter Culley
  Finnish-English - 25 years' experience
translate, translations, translation, translator, Finnish, English, transcription, language teaching, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, native speaker of English, 25 years of experience, professional ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Bat-Sheva Myllys
Finnish, Hebrew, English, Medical, Life Science, Science, Medical technology, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Localization, Software, Hardware, Telecommunication, Automotive Industry, Heavy Machinery, The Environment, Natural science, Business administration, Marketing, Advertising, Behavioral science, Social sciences, Education, ... English/Finnish
14 points
Identity Verified   thmarks
  MA in Translation, 18 years experience
Finnish, Japanese-English, English-Japanese, English-Finnish, Finnish-English, localization, translation, translator, proofreader, proofreading, marketing, business, finance, mainonta, todistukset, games localization, editor, subtitling, dubbing, communication skills, flexible translator, kanji, technical, electronics, medical, scientific, travel, tourism, education, finance, legal, käännös, Japani, Suomi, Englanti, 日英翻訳, 通訳, 同時通訳, 逐次通訳, 英日翻訳, フィンランド語, interpretation, language training, 字幕, 校正, ネーティブ翻訳 ... Finnish/English
12 points
Identity Verified   nmain
  RU>EN and FI>EN freelance translator
russian, translation, CAT tools, trados, market research, legal, medical, us English, contracts, surveys, pharmaceutical, ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Meri Rantama
  MA Univ of Helsinki, 20 years experience
business, finance, management, economics, contracts, law, real estate, education, journalism, media, publishing, film, music, government, politics, social policy, immigration, academic, environment, EU, linguistics, IT, tech, medical, pharmaceutical, sports, fitness, literature, history, travel, geography, art, architecture, photography, fashion, philosophy, religion, translation, editing ... Finnish/English
0 points
Identity Verified   Marja Sinkkonen
广告/公共关系, 旅游与旅行, 运输/交通/货运, 营销/市场调研, 餐饮, 烹饪/美食, 纺织/服装/时装, 医疗(总称), 汽车制造/轿车与卡车, 化妆品、美容, 林业/林木/木材, 纸/造纸, 历史, 新闻学, 媒体/多媒体, 影院、影片、电视、戏剧, 人力资源, 国际组织/开发/合作, 政府/政治, 社会科学、社会学、伦理学等, 教育/教育学, 经济学, 商务/商业(普通), 金融(普通), 法律:合同, 法律(总称), 管理 ... Finnish/English
34 points
  Versk dabar
  Better service for the same price!
Translation, editing, proofreading, formating, tranlating, translation agency, languages, translators, freelancers ... English
0 points
  Katherine Sotejeff-Wilson
  Translating research: medical & academic
Finnish, Polish, German, editing, academic, medical, pharmaceutical, clinical trials, science, environment, green chemistry, digital humanities, theology, history, NGOs ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Juha Valtonen
  Reliable, professional and effective.
Finnish, English, trados, Finnish translator, Finnish translators, Finnish translation, Finnish games testing, software testing, English to Finnish, English to Finnish translation, television, documentaries, business, gaming, online casinos, casino games, gambling, poker, slot machines, marketing, hotel, catering, restaurant, menus, logistics, automotive, military, translation, experience, household appliances, computer, modem, manuals, IT and software localisation, printer manuals, navigation systems, navigation software, owner manuals, OM translation, automotive translation, editing, localization, travel, tourism, proofreading, editing, travel & tourism, Internet, websites, transcreation, across, MemoQ, Studio 2014, certified pro, proz pro, Google Android, google, paper industry, paper machines, consumer electronics, power tools, electronics, käännökset, kääntäminen, käännös, kääntäjä, ylioppilastodistus, yo-todistus, matriculation examination, moderator, moderaattori, facebook moder ... Finnish
102 points
  Kit Fahey
  Accurate and timely
Finnish, french, spanish, italian, technical writer, technical support, finance, banking, real estate, telecom, communications, insurance ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Kathy Saranpa
  YalePhD/University Lecturer Translation
PhD, academic, genealogy, legal, business, personal, literature, history, arts, medical ... English
0 points
  GSI Translation
  Success built on customer satisfaction
GSI, GSI Translations, translators, translation, localisation, localization, translate, language, multilingual, adaptation, transcription, proofreading, editing, adaptation, interpreting, DTP, desktop publishing, typesetting, multimedia, website localisation, website localization, CMS content management, system, language, consultancy, pharmaceuticals, legal, medical, bio-sciences, biotechnology, law, Legal, Para legal, advertisement, banking, insurance, marketing, accounting, accountancy, fast service competitive rates, negotiable, lawyer ... English
0 points
  EN 17100 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Co.
Language Translation, Translator, Translation, voice over, Transcription, Foreign Language, Indian Language, European Language, Asian Language, Sworn Translator, Document Translation, Certified Translation, Certified Translator, Native Translator, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English Translation, Finnish, French, German, Greek Translation, Hebrew, Hungarian, Bahasa, Indonesian Translation, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish Translation, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Translation, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Translation, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi Translation, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya Translation, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu Translation, Various Indian regional Languages, Asian languages, European Languages, African Languages, Middle East Languages, Eastern Languages Translators from India, Translators for Indian Languages, Hindi Translators, Kashmiri Translaotrs, Assamese translators, Oriya Translators, Punjabi Translators, Indonesian translators, Tagalog ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   Shamien
  Games & Apps Localisation
computers, electronics, IT, appliances, manuals, RPG, fantasy, gaming, games, hardware, apps, software, localisation, video games, Finnish, translation, applications, science fiction, paranormal, parapsychology, occultism, mobile ... Finnish/English
8 points
Identity Verified   GlobalEditing
  Superb English Editing and Proofreading
Annuals, automotive, business, clinical, computers, engineering, environment, food, history, manufacturing, marketing, medical, meditation, music, art, reports, robotics, science, telecommunications, testing, travel, Zen ... English
0 points
Identity Verified   DailyTranslate
  Native speakers only
Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Reviewing, TEP, Transcription, Transcription+Translation, Copy writing, Trans creation, Transliteration, Back Translation, Machine Translation, Localization, Quality Assurance, Subtitling, DTP, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Automotive Translations, Financial Translations, Marketing Translations, IT Translations, Computers : Hardware&Software, CV, Licences, Diplomas, Certificates, Pharmaceutical Translations, Engineering Translations, Literary Translations, Mechanical Translations, Culinary Translations, Websites translation, Software Localization, Instruction Manuals Translation, Clinical Studies Translation, Governmental Translation, Multimedia Localization, Multilingual DTP, Document Translation, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dari, Estonian, Farsi, Filipino, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Hmong, Hungar ... English
0 points
  Kickwords Limited
  The added value for your business growth
translation services, translation online, translator, certified translations, usa, canada, uk, translate, word translate, language translator, translators, online translator, free translation, translater, translate website, interpreter services, international translations, English to french translation services, french to English, german to English translator, norwegian to English translation services, spanish to English translation services, English to italian, English to japanese translation, English to chinese, English to afrikans, latin translations ... English
0 points
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